Christchurch Infant School

Year One


Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 is such an exciting year for the children at Christchurch Infant School. We begin our learning journey with an ‘All About Us’ project, where the children learn about the history of our wonderful school and explore our local area of Christchurch through an exciting tour of the town. Further projects include: ‘Inside Out’,  ‘Four Nations’ and ‘Jasper’s Garden’. Highlights of the year include a visit from the Dinosaur Dome and handling real-life fossils during our History project ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ and an exciting trip to the New Forest Wild Life Park when learning about animals in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Our curriculum builds on and embeds the prior knowledge and experience from EYFS in an engaging fun way and prepares the children for their Year 2 journey.



Foxes - Miss Cairns (Base Leader)

Squirrels - Mrs Gibson

Hedgehogs - Mrs Bell/Miss Blinco

Rabbits - Mr McCormack


Year 1 Curriculum Map



Home Learning and Project Overview

 Autumn 1 All About Us

Autumn 1 - All About Us - Home Learning

Autumn 2 - Inside Out - Home Learning

Autumn 2 - Inside Out

Spring 1 - Four Nations - Home Learning

Spring 1 - 4 Nations Spring 2 - All Creatures Great and Small - Home Learning

Spring 2 - Year 1 Project Overview - All Creatures Great and Small

Summer 1 - Walking With Dinosaurs - Home Learning Summer 1 - Walking With Dinosaurs


Summer 2

Jaspers Garden

Jaspers Garden