Christchurch Infant School



At Christchurch Infant School we aim to ensure that all children:

• become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics

• can solve problems by applying their mathematics.

• are able to reason mathematically

These skills are embedded within maths lessons and developed consistently over time by following the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme of learning. Through mathematical talk, children will be supported to develop the ability to articulate, discuss and explain their thinking. Children are provided with the necessary resources such as numicon and tens frames to allow them to access the maths curriculum and they are encouraged to use these to explain their logic and reasoning. Teachers reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in mathematics. Lessons are appropriately differentiated to allow for this, through individual support.

All children are given the opportunity to access Numbots at home to embed their learning. This resource is fully aligned to the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme and is great fun. The best practice is to try just 3 minutes a day at home. Don’t forget that the class with the most number of average coins earned that week will receive the Numbots trophy in Celebrations assembly!


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