Christchurch Infant School


At Christchurch Infant School, we aim to make our children aware of the world around them, people, places and the environment.

Initially children study their immediate environment, learning through exploration and first hand experiences. By the end of Year Two, children will have studied an area which contrasts with their own and will be able to use simple maps, globes and information sources to further their studies. Children are taught to use correct language to describe both man-made and natural geographical features in all aspects of geography.

How to support your child at home? 

The curriculum content may seem daunting, but don't panic!  You already are an accomplished geographer. Your daily life constantly provides you with rich geographical experiences, information and understanding.  You think and act geographically, often without realising it. For example, navigating around your local area, watching local and world news, responding to the weather forecast or deciding on a holiday destination. 

When you are out and about in your local area, talk to your child about what they can see. Discuss the local physical and human features around you.

When you are on a journey (short or long) show your child the map and explain how you will get from point A to B. You could even use directional language to explain the route or ask your child to tell you!

When on holiday compare the location with your home environment. What is the same? What is different? You could also do some sight-seeing or even visit a museum to unlock further knowledge of the area.

Watch the weather forecast with your child, plan your outfits or activities based on the weather. Can they recognise any of the weather symbols being shown? 

Pirate Bunnies World Adventures - This site has interactive games to support the children's understanding of weather, capital cities in the UK, continents and oceans, maps and directions.

BBC bitesize Geography videos:

Have a look in our school library at the exciting National Geographical magazines for children.  Enjoy reading this with your child at home!

Geography intent, implementation and impact