Christchurch Infant School

Whole School Curriculum

Christchurch Infant School Curriculum 


‘To be the best that you can be’ 

Our school motto underpins everything we do here at Christchurch Infants, which includes the curriculum we have planned for our children. We want every child to fulfil their full potential and be their very best.  

Our curriculum is carefully linked to the National Curriculum and its expectations. It progressively builds on knowledge and skills from EYFS to Year 2; with clear learning intentions for each year group to develop sequential learning.  

Our curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of the children within our community. We design the curriculum to enable our children to have engaging, hands-on learning to inspire and motivate. The children start their learning with a ‘hook’ and end with a practical outcome to really embed the knowledge and skills they have learnt.  

Our curriculum is ambitious for all children and is designed to inspire future goals. We recognise that each child is an individual and may have different talents and skills so we incorporate discrete teaching of specialist subjects such as music and physical education by specialist teachers where possible over the academic year. We also offer specialist teaching and learning through the wide range of clubs we offer.