Christchurch Infant School


At Christchurch Infants School we aim to provide children with the key skills they need to become digitally literate and well-quipped for their future within the digital community beyond our school.


Technology is everywhere in our society and so plays a pivotal part in our children’s lives. At Christchurch Infant School we model and educate our children on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. In the first term of each academic year children participate in online-safety lessons, so that children understand how to stay safe online and report any concern they may have when using technology.


Our computing curriculum aims to equip children with the key skills of computational thinking, so that they are able to participate effectively and safely as technology grows. One of our challenges is to keep updated with the pace of constantly evolving technology. Through skills focused teaching we empower children to become independent critical learners by exploring computer systems and learning a wealth of computational language. The children have access to a wide range of technology, including chrome books, Ipads and beebots to continually improve the skills they learn.

 Computing Long Term Subject Map