Christchurch Infant School


At Christchurch Infant School we aim for all children to develop a love of Writing.

Writing is an amazingly complex activity. The infant writer has to deal with many skills simultaneously; these include: spelling, handwriting, grammar and punctuation.

At Christchurch Infant School we aim to make writing an exciting and fun experience for the children, through the use of engaging class texts, hooks and purposeful outcomes linked to our curriculum projects.

Our writing curriculum ensure that the children see adults in their classrooms as inspirational writers, when creating model texts. They will then work as a class team or small group during shared writing session, focussing on key skills. Finally, we encourage our children to use these skills and their own imagination to flourish as independent writers.

Creativity is key in inspiring our children to write and through the Free Writing initiative, championed by Cressida Cowell (author of How to Train a Dragon), the children are given the opportunity to write for at least 15 minutes a week on the subject of their choice.

Writing Curriculum Information for Parents

Writing Long Term Subject Map