Christchurch Infant School

New Intake

Welcome to Early Years!

We are delighted that you have chosen Christchurch Infant School for your child. Some parents, with older children in the school, will already have some knowledge of Christchurch Infant School, whilst for others this September will be your child’s first experience of school life.

This year’s transition model will consist of:

Wednesday 21st June - Information Event for Parents

This is an opportunity for all our new parents to find out more about what goes on in our Foundation classes, to meet the teachers and to ask any questions you have about a child’s experience at school.  This is an important meeting and we urge all parents to attend at either 9:30am or 5pm (no children please).  At this meeting we will inform you more about the Transfer Day timings (see below).

School Transfer Day

You and your child will be invited to attend an informal morning visit with your child’s teacher and staff on our school transfer day, 30th June. This visit is very important in enabling your child to settle into their new class. 

Home Visits

At the beginning of the Autumn term, before your child starts school, you will have the opportunity of a ‘home visit’ with the class teacher and teaching assistant.  This is an important opportunity for both the school and yourselves, to liaise about the needs of your child. In the past, parents have greatly appreciated this time to meet staff on a one to one basis. This will be organised during the Information Event at the end of June.


In September, we have a staggered start for EYFS children to ensure they are not overwhelmed by the new routines, new adults looking after them and school expectations. Children then attend school on a part-time basis over the next few weeks to allow them to be slowly introduced to school life, including staying for lunch and to  help them to form positive relationships with staff and peers.

Part-time is defined as mornings only (5 in total), full-time is morning and afternoon sessions (10 in total).  Options for attending full-time are as follows: from their allotted start date in September, or after Autumn half term. From experience, children who have attended preschool regularly, benefit from attending school on a full-time basis from the outset. If you feel part-time attendance would be more suitable, please indicate this on your form at the end of this letter.

The school may also recommend that an individual child attend on a part-time basis to start with, such as for children with special educational needs.  This is discussed with the parents and with the child’s best interests at heart. 

Staggered start of school will commence on 7th September.

School uniform can be purchased from Stevensons School Uniform Shop, 148-150 Seabourne Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth Dorset BH5 2JA or online at .


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you all for the new academic year starting in September 2023 and look forward to you being part of our school community.  

Yours sincerely

Mr Baxter


What Do I Need To Know? 

Please take the time to read the following documents which should hopefully answer any questions you may have. 

School Readiness

Please find below a leaflet to help support you in preparing your child for school.

You will also find a tick sheet you can work through with your child

School Readiness - Basics.docx

This is Me Parent Guide.pdf

This Is Me Booklet.pdf

General Class Information     

Please find below an information sheet regarding general class information.  

General Class Information.docx

A Typical Day in Early Years 

Please find below an idea of what your child will do in a typical day at Christchurch Infant School .

A Day In The Life Of A Foundation Child.

F A Q s

Please find  below a  document outlining a list of our most frequently asked questions. 


Other Documents 

In this section we will upload any other documents we have or will be referring to that you may need.  

All About Your Child Form

This form will help the teachers support your child when they first start school. You will be sent a copy of this form to fill in.

All About Me Bag

(At the home visit, your child will receive an 'All About Me Bag'. In this bag your child can place a few special items that tell us a little bit about themselves. For example, a picture of their pet or their special toy car. On the first day, bring this bag into school and the teachers will use it to get to know your child and ease any nerves about starting school.)

We look forward to meeting you soon!