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Year 2 Remote Learning

Useful websites for Learning from home


Handwriting website

English grammar; practising nouns/verbs/adjectives through videos and interactive activities.

Topmarks- spelling and grammar games

Spelling practise of year 1/2 words



New Maths learning available on your Bug club platform

It is important that your child watches the White Rose maths video by following the link on the timetable each day. If they complete this and would like some more maths learning linked to the topic we are working on then have a look on Bug club. On Bug club, click on the ‘My Stuff’ tab and then open Power Maths. You will see 2 textbooks and 2 practise books.

We are just finishing a block of work on money and then will begin our multiplication and division topic. If you open textbook A at unit 4 for work on money and unit 5 and then 6 in Textbook B for work on Multiplication and division, this will help with your learning. You can then work through the questions in the practise book to support this on paper.

Top marks – place value games

White rose home learning videos (showing up to date learning)

Mathletics; using children’s individual logins



Read Write Inc parent videos and teaching new sound videos

Phonics play – there are some free games available such as ‘Buried treasure’ and ‘Picnic on Pluto’.




Bug club; using children’s individual logins

PE/Active learning

Joe Wicks PE -


Cosmic Yoga -


Go Noodle -


BBC Supermovers –




Musical Examples of Tempo (Fast and Slow): Tempo – Fast and Slow (Presto / Largo)

Animated song explaining the terms Presto and Largo in music.


“The Flight of the Bumble Bee” by Rimsky-Korsakov. This is an incredibly fast piece of music with a Flute playing the main tune. Listen to how fast the notes move up and down and how the composer makes the Violins sound like buzzing bees by getting the musicians to play really fast. - Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky – Korsakov.

LARGO - Slow

“The Tortoise – Carnival of the Animals” by Saint –Saens. This is the same tune as the “Can-Can”, a very famous piece of music that became a well-know dance but has been completely slowed down and is used to represent the slow moving Tortoise in the piece “The Carnival of the Animals”. The low string instruments of the orchestra play this slow tune.

Can you play along or move to the music? - The Tortoise from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens

Accelerando and Rallentando

Not all music stays the same speed throughout. Sometimes the music may change or speed up or slow down and this is what we call:

ACCELERANDO – Gradually getting faster

RALLENTANDO – Gradually getting slower

Have a listen to this piece of music also from The Carnival of the Animals” all about a Kangaroo. The composer makes the music hop up and down the notes and at different speeds, just like a Kangaroo hopping around the countryside!

Have a look at this version presented as a Super Mario video game! - Kangaroos – By Saint-Saens

Welcome to your Home Learning for the week
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Timetable for Year 2 Children working Below Age Related Expectations
Timetable for children working within age related expectations for Year 2
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