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Parental Involvement

All parents and carers are equally valued as part of our school community. Children’s learning is improved when we work in partnership with their parents or carers, and their wider family. We therefore believe in close cooperation with all families, and in regular consultation between the home and the school.

Our Aims

Our aims through parental involvement are to:

  • enhance the learning experiences of all pupils;

  • encourage parents and carers to be involved in the children’s learning;

  • provide a partnership between home and school, seeking to ensure that families feel welcome and valued;

  • ensure that maximum use is made of all these adults’ skills to enrich learning opportunities;

  • encourage parents and carers to develop and extend their own learning.

Parental Involvement in the life of the school

  • School is open to parents and carers at all reasonable times.

  • Families are invited to regular events, activities and celebrations that are organised by the school. These occasions provide an opportunity to celebrate success, and a viewing public for a lot of the pupils’ work.

  • Regular newsletters are sent home each half term. Website blog updates are publicised throughout each term.

  • Parents can view much of this written information on the school website.

Parental Involvement in children's learning

  • Parents and carers can talk with teachers before and after school on an informal basis on most days.

  • Appointments to see a teacher, year leader, deputy headteacher or the headteacher can be made through the school office, and can be set up for as soon as required in most instances.

  • There are opportunities for parents to have a formal discussion with their child(ren)’s teacher at the following times during the year, during the Autumn and Spring Term. Teachers value these opportunities to celebrate successes, review learning targets and listen to parental views.

  • An annual report on each child’s academic and personal development is made available in the summer term. An acknowledgement slip is attached, and parents may request a meeting with the teacher to discuss the contents of the report.

  • Regular curriculum workshops will be organised to assist parents and carers in supporting their child(ren)’s learning.

  • Policy documents, schemes of work and National Curriculum guidance are readily available for parents and carers to view.

  • Curriculum letters are sent to each family at the start of each term, detailing the aspects of learning each child will undertake, and how families might support that learning, for example, by visiting museums, websites,etc.

  • Home-school log books detail requirements for specific children.

  • Homework is given on a weekly basis. We value parental support regarding the completion of these tasks, many of which contain guidance for helpers. 

  • National Curriculum assessments as well as records of progress and achievement are also readily available, as appropriate, to each child.

  • Parents and carers can expect to be spoken to in a quiet, private area if there are any concerns regarding their child.


Parent Volunteers


We welcome parent and community volunteers into school to work with the children in an informal way by hearing the children read, playing games and supporting learning.  Another important way in which volunteers can help the school is by assisting with some of our many off-site visits and activities.  Letters explaining these activities usually include a request for parental help.  All regular volunteers are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service in line with Government legislation for the safety of children.

If you would like to volunteer in school, please complete and send us the Volunteer Application Form and help us to match your talents and interests to the school’s needs.  This process is helpful in maintaining the school’s high standards for safeguarding our pupils.  Volunteer applications should be marked for the attention of the Headteacher.

The governing body is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers’ and visitors to share this commitment.


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