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School Policies

In this section you will find policies relating to various aspects of the school’s work.

Main Policies

Admissions policy 2021-22

Admissions policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment  Recording and reporting Policy Oct 2021 

Attendance Flow Chart

Attendance management procedure & policy

BCP Scheme for Financing Maintained Schools April 2019

Bereavement Policy

Capability Policy - School Based Employees 

Charging Policy 2023

Christchurch Infant School Behaviour Policy Review June 2022

Christchurch Infant school Educational Visits Policy

Christchurch Infant school T& L Policy

CIS Equality Information

Code of Conduct 2023

Code of Conduct for School Governing Boards

Communication Policy

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Dealing with allegations of abuse against staff members and volunteers

Disciplinary Policy

Early Career Teaching Policy

Equality Objectives and Accessibility Policy and Plan

Feedback and Marking policy Oct 2021

Financial Procedures Policy

First Aid Policy

GDPR Policy

Governor Induction Policy

Inclusion  Policy Oct 2019

Learning Environment  December 2021

Lettings Policy

NQT Policy 2022

Online Safety Policy

Physical Intervention Policy Sept 2020

Privacy Notice for Parents

Scheme of Financial Delegations

SEND Policy

Separated Parents Policy

Single Equity Objectives and accessibility Policy and Plan

Sun Safety Policy 2022

Suspension and Exclusion Policy March 2023

Terms of reference of Governing Body

Volunteer Policy and Application Form

Curriculum Policies

2022-23 PSHE and RSE POLICY

Class Structure Policy

Home Learning Policy

Physical Education 

Religious Education

Suspension and Exclusion Policy March 2022

Health and Safety Policies

Health Safety and Welfare Policy

Procedures in the event of a fire

Supporting children with medical conditions and managing medicines

Christchurch Infant school Educational Visits


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Children with health needs who cannot attend school

Christchurch Infant School Supervision Policy

Code of Conduct 

Intimate Care Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education2022 

Looked After Children

Online Safety Policy

WHISTLEBLOWING Policy and Procedures








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