School Council


How do I become a member of the School Council? 

  • At the start of the Autumn term each child, in Year one and two,  will get the opportunity to nominate themselves for the role of a School Council representative. 

  • Your child will be asked to chat to their classmates about why they feel they deserve to be in the School Council. 

What skills do I need to make a good School Council representative? 

A School Council member needs to ...​

  • model good behaviour to their peers

  • be a good listener

  • be organised

  • think of ideas

  • take turns when talking 

  • try their best 'like the ants'

  • respect other people's opinions

  • be a great problem solver

  • work as a team 'like the frogs

What will I need to do as  School Council member ?

  • Help to solve simple  problems.

  • Help decide what resources the school needs.

  • Collect ideas from the class and our local community about how to improve the school.

  • Support other children within the school.

What have we been doing this year?

We began this academic school year by making some suggestion boxes for all the classes in the school. The children took great care to decorate the boxes to make them stand out in the classrooms. The children stood up in front of their class to explain what they were for.


For anyone who does not know what the suggestion box is for, read on.

Children can put their ideas about how to improve the school in the boxes and the School Council members will share all the ideas at the School Council meeting. 


  This is a picture of some of the members making their superb suggestion box. 

We helped launch the new School Values. 

In January 2020 the School Council helped launch our new School Values. They took the time to survey their class to see which old values they thought were important and which they did not. The children were fantastic at feeding back their findings to the other School Council Members.  The children then went on to meet a selection of people from our  local community, including our PTFA, governors, staff, parents and local church members to discuss what values they thought were important.  After collecting all the information the children tested out fun games with a focus group of adults to see what activities could help reinforce the importance of each new value at which point we were able to launch the new values to all the other children.  

I would personally like to thank the School Council and members of our local community for all their hard work revamping our new values. We could not have done it without you!


School Council Elections 2020!

We have recently held our School Council Elections . Thank you to everybody that took part! They will soon be getting to work on improving the school. 

Supporting our new library (Nov 2020)

This week the children have been surveying their class to find out what books they would like in the new school library. The children are helping to promote a  lifelong love of reading! Please find below all about the challenge. I can't wait to see what books the children would like. 




School Council Reading Survey

School Council - First challenge set by Mrs Ladyman 

Fundraising  Feb 2021

The school council put their heads together to think about what charities they would like to raise money for this coming year. 

Please see the letter below that gives you lots of information about the charities they chose and why it is important to raise money.

Playground Support June 2021

Due to covid and the school needing year group bubbles, this year's Reception children may be nervous about mixing with the older children when we become a whole school bubble.

The School Council met and discussed ways they could help support these younger children on the playground.

They came up with some fantastic ideas

Teach games, such as, Duck Duck Goose.
Help them learn football skills. 
Tell them/show them where to line up if they forget. 
Help problem solve simple disputes.
Take children to first aid.
Show them around the playground.
Kindly, in a positive way, remind the children our school rules. 
Help them find a friend.
Play with them, if they want to!
Ask if they are OK?
Keep an eye out to see if anyone needs help or a friend. 

What a kind group of children! 
This will really help support the Reception children.