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Year 2 goes to India !

We had lots of fun on the last day of term; we flew to India! The children were very excited when they found out we were flying to India. They went through security, passport control and checked in ready for the flight. During the long flight to India the children were lucky enough to watch some in flight entertainment and were even served drinks and a cookie from the lovely air hostesses!

The children spent the rest of the day engaged in traditional Indian activities. They learnt Bollywood dancing with Ambur from Bollywood Vibes. Some of the children were able to show off their excellent rhythm and dance moves! They learnt traditional hand gestures and performed a dance to their teachers. They were all excellent!

We were also visited by the Yak Pak Theatre, who have visited Spiti Valley before. Spiti Valley is a small village in the Himalyan mountains that we have been comparing to our town Christchurch in our geography lessons. The children were fascinated to find out that it is 4,400m above sea level and they use Yaks instead of cars. The Yak Pak team were able to bring Spiti Valley to life with their first-hand experiences and pictures. The children were able to learn a traditional Spitan circle dance too.

Throughout the day the smell of India food wafted through the school as we tried a wide variety of traditional Indian cuisine. The children were all great and tried lots of new foods, even if they hadn’t tried it before. We were very impressed with how the children acted during the food tasting! The children rated the foods at the end of their session; the poppadoms were a keen favourite.

It was a fantastic day and the children were engaged, motivated and enthusiastic throughout. It was a lovely way to end a rather strange Spring term!

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