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Year 1 Home Learning

We have had some more fantastic work sent into the Year 1 email address this week. The teachers love seeing what you have been working on at home so please keep the emails coming. The email address to send your work into is

The children who have joined us back in school have also been working really hard and next week we will try to feature some of their fabulous work too.

Joshua has been busy drawing a jellyfish and a diagram of the solar system!

Ollie has created his own brilliant Stickman out of natural materials.

Abigail has been doing some reading about Queen Victoria and was able to answer lots of questions about her.

Frankie has been using magnetic 2D shapes to build a 3D car.

Dylan has got a new lion head bunny called Ninja and has created a den and a home-made feeder for him.

Ava has created a rainbow ice cream picture.

Isla wrote a fantastic postcard from Stickman back to his family tree.

Lily has been working hard on her white rose maths activities.

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