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Year 1 Home Learning

We have had lots of fabulous home learning this week! Keep all of the pictures and videos coming they are brilliant and we love seeing what you are all up to. We do have to say that not so much is coming from Foxes class so some children are getting their work on here again! Challenge for you Foxes - can you send in any home learning you have been doing? Maybe it will be featured next time!

It is also Sports Day this week! Don't forget to take some snaps and send to us.

The email to send work to is

Rose has created her own creature out of recyclable materials! Loving the hair and the huge mouth!

Riley has been doing some great number sentences and fact families using Lego to support.

Ethan has been learning about planet Earth and has created a super factfile.

Rory has created his own dragon named Zoom!

Anja has been doing lots of lovely art work.

Seb has created some fabulous fact files about four different animals!

Freya created a brilliant mask for the Highway Rat!

Emmie has been learning about plant Earth and has made her own version - labelling the different continents and oceans.

Have a lovely half term everybody! Keep safe!

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