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Year 1 Home Learning

Hello Year 1,

We have really loved receiving lots of brilliant work this week, some of you have been very busy! Here are some fantastic examples of what we have been sent this week.

You are all truly amazing, keep up the great work!

If you would like to see your work featured on the blog next week please take a picture and get your grown up to send to

Sam has created a superb poster about the 5 oceans of the world.

Eden has been very creative, learning how to draw and paint her favourite animal - a cat!

Zachary has done some ENORMOUS artwork based on the Snail and the Whale!

Conor has made a very exciting model of a volcano.

Niamh has created a huge portrait, with long, blonde hair, it looks even bigger than her!

Poppy has been doing some fabulous writing about the snail and the whale using the suffix 'est'.

Grayson has written a lovely story (in very neat handwriting!) about the dog who sailed to sea and all the wonderful things he saw.

Finally, Frankie made a video of a den she made for the Fox from the Gruffalo, he even has a swimming pool!

Well done everybody! Keep up the hard work and we will hopefully see you all soon!

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