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Year 1 Home and School Learning

This week we have featured some of the fabulous learning going on at home and at school. Well done everybody for working so hard this week! Keep up the excellent work. If you would like to see you work on here next week please email photos/videos to

Harry has completed some 3D shape pattern work - some of these are quite tricky!

Mason wrote a fabulous story and performed it to the class.

Charlie has been writing about pirates, thinking carefully about the verbs in each sentence.

Seb has been writing some recipes for delicious drinks!

Isabel completed a story map of Pirate Pete and changed it to her own version. She then began to write the story using her map to help.

Ella has been working hard on her White Rose Maths worksheets.

Tayler has been learning about numbers to 50.

Leah has been writing pirates sentences with verbs in.

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