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Whole School Free Writing Friday!

Last week, a mysterious door appeared in the Science Garden. Who put it there and what would happen if we went through it?

Throughout the day, every class visited the Science Garden and the magical door. The children were challenged to look for clues on the door as to where it might lead. Both sides of were very different and we thought we might need to choose one side to go through as they might lead to different places!

The children were then challenged to let their imagination take over and write their ideas down in any form they liked. Some chose to complete fantasy stories, poems, letters and even songs.

Here is some fantastic writing from Foundation:

Have a look at some of Year 1s brilliant writing:

Finally take a look at some super writing from Year 2:

Well done to all of the children to letting their imagination run free and producing some fantastic free writing.

Sadly at the end of the day the magical door had disappeared! Nobody knows where it went or where it came from, perhaps one day it will return again. Who knows?

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