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What a Wow day to start our 'Walking with Dinosaurs' topic!

We may have only had one day in school this week (or even this half term) but we certainly made it a very special day to remember!

The children in Rabbits class started the day by making their very own clay fossils; trace fossils and fossils using moulds from The Charmouth Heritage Centre. We also sketched some beautiful ammonites. We then had fun listening to a dinosaur song about the Parasaurolophus and comparing it to other Swing music before finding the beat and creating our own rhythms. All this before snack time!

After break we returned to the classroom to find it had been transformed into a museum! We were lucky enough to have a wide range of fossils from the Charmouth Heritage Centre, all found locally along the Jurassic coast, to identify and discuss. We learnt how fossils are made and even watched some video footage of a nautilus - the closest living relative to an ammonite.

After lunch it was our turn to attend the 'Dinosaur Dome' where we learnt some more about different dinosaurs and how they became extinct. It was such an experience!

We finished the day by sharing the children's Home Learning projects - and what a variety of posters, models and fact books we had. Fantastic!

Thank you to the children for behaving so responsibly with the very special fossils we were allowed to touch and hold, and for their brilliant behaviour within the Dinosaur Dome. Hopefully the Rabbits children will remember some of the facts taught and be excited to continue the Dinosaur Topic remote learning we have planned for you!

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