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Well done Hedgehogs!

A massive well done to all of the Hedgehogs and their grown ups for another week of home learning completed! You are all doing so well and you should be very proud of yourselves! This message is all about celebrating learning this week, just like our Friday celebration assemblies.


This week we had 20 Mathletics certificates; 4 silvers and 16 bronzes! Well done everyone, keep it up!

Here is some fantastic learning that has been emailed to me through the year 1 email:

This is Harry's brilliant e-safety poster about how to stay safe on the internet. Well done Harry, fantastic advice for everyone!

This is Jack's story from last week, retelling the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip! You have used some lovely words Jack and fantastic sounding out! Well done for your hard work!

I'd love to keep sharing lots of fantastic learning with you so please keep sending it in. Have a brilliant week everyone and stay safe!

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