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Welcome New Dolphins!

We are all so happy to welcome our new Dolphins class. We are so proud of how the children have settled into school life. They quickly got used to the classroom and all the new routines.

They have shown excellent independence finding their own resources, especially in the creative area. They have been able to select the resources they need, including paint, to produce some wonderful creations.

The small world area has proved very popular! The children have been playing together, developing story lines in their play and having so much fun.

We have started RWI phonics and the children have loved taking part in the fun and interactive lessons. They have also been finding objects that are the same in maths and loved our matching socks activity.

The children have listened to rhymes including We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. They used the instruments to make the noises of the different places the family pass through.

Despite the weather we have been outside as much as possible. We've done our first PE lessons and the children have been enjoying exploring the outside area. These children worked together to build a castle!

Well done on a great start to school Dolphins. We can't wait to see what fun the rest of the year brings!

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