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Walking With Dinosaurs WOW Day

We were very luck that the first day of term was our Dinosaur WOW Day! We completed lots of really exciting activities! Have a look at the fun we had.

First we went into the dinosaur dome and listened to our special visitor, finding out lots of information about different dinosaurs and what the Earth was like when dinosaurs roamed.

Then we were able to hold some real fossils from the Charmouth Heritage centre. We were very careful as they are extremely old and fragile!

Then we sketched the ammonites, looking at their shape and all of the different curves.

Next we used some moulds from the Charmouth Heritage Centre to create our own clay fossils.

Finally, we listened to some dinosaur songs including 'Parasaurolophus'. We listened carefully for the pulse and tried to play our instruments in time.

It was a fabulous start to our Dinosaur topic! Hopefully, the children will remember their experiences and this will help them with their Home Learning in the weeks to come.

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