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The children have been enjoying learning about the story of Supertato! We practised retelling the story using story telling actions and language. The children loved retelling the story in class and to their friends. Hopefully they might be able to retell it at home too!

The children made their own Supertato using their clever cutting skills and also used real vegetable to make their own vegetable characters.

The children wrote ‘Wanted’ posters to try and help catch the Evil Pea! We talked about adjectives we could use to describe what he looks like.

The children have also been incorporating the story into their Let’s Explore time. These children spent time making a fish pie and added the Evil Peas before mixing it all up!

This week the children have been working hard to write their own version of Supertato by changing some parts of the story. We had lots of ideas for different good characters – Super Broccoli, Super Spaghetti, Super Carrot, Fabulous Ice Cream; and some great bad character names – Evil Pineapple, Evil Cheese, Evil Chicken and even an Evil Chocolate Cake!

Well done Dolphins on all your hard work!

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