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We have been learning about the adventures of Supertato in Early Years. We started by learning to re-tell the story using storytelling actions and language. The children absolutely loved this and are already re-telling it independently to their friends and family.

The children had a go at making their own Supertato with great cutting skills and also transformed some vegetables into their own characters.

The children then wrote WANTED posters to try and stop the Evil Pea from escaping. They learned about adjectives to describe his appearance and personality.

The class have enjoyed trying to free the peas from the ice in the tuff tray, using lots of problem solving skills and also practising their fine motor skills by using the tweezers to move the peas.

Next week, the children will be changing parts of the story to make their own version.

As you can see from our display below, we are having so much fun learning about Supertato and all of his adventures.

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