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Super senses session and sandwich making

Rabbits enjoyed a fantastic afternoon trying out their five senses with a rotation of five different activities. They used their sense of hearing by working in pairs, one turning their back whilst the other played a percussion instrument - it was tricky to identify each instrument just with our ears!

The next activity used our sense of touch. The children felt inside 'feely bags' and used their sense of touch to work out what was inside - the hardest part was not using their sense of sight instead!

How keen is your sense of smell? The Rabbits were pretty good at identifying the contents of our smelling pots - they particularly liked the lemon!

To test the Rabbits sense of sight - the children's challenge was to look through a pinhole and identify the picture on the inside of a box. They then matched it to the correct picture. Harder than you might think - a lot of concentration needed!

Finally, we looked at a number of different photos of different foods. We imagined how they might tantalise our taste buds and decided whether we liked them by drawing a smiley face or didn't like them by drawing a sad face. Mustard was definitely NOT a favourite!

Super Sandwich Making Skills

The children put their sandwich making skills into practice by making the sandwich they designed after their tasting. The children did really well spreading the butter onto their bread, adding the filling and then folding and cutting their sandwich. The children ate their delicious sandwich and felt very proud of what they achieved. Can you tell from the photos who used too much marmite or butter? Well done Rabbits! One of the best parts - it led into some fabulous instruction writing later in the week. Perhaps the next time you plan a picnic - your child can make the sarnies!

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