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Super Senses Session and sandwich making!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

This week we took part in a super senses session where we had to use each of our senses to complete a task.

The first activity used our sense of touch. We had to put our hands into a feely bag and feel different objects without looking! Was it hard or smooth? What shape was it?

The second activity used our sense of sight. We had to look through tiny holes in cardboard boxes and see if we could guess what the picture was on the inside of the box.

The third activity was a listening activity. We had to close their eyes, whilst a partner played a musical instrument. Then we had to use our sense of hearing to identify which instrument was played.

The fourth activity involved using the our sense of smell. On the table were 5 smelling cups. We had to match up the pictures to each cup just using our noses! The hot chocolate was by far the most popular smell!

Finally, we used our sense of taste after making our own sandwiches in Design and Technology. We carefully buttered the bread, added our favourite fillings, cut our sandwiches and then ate them! As you can see we had a great time!

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