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Super Science Day!

Starfish class enjoyed a great Science day today, full of awe and wonder! As we have been learning about the story of the three little pigs, we started the day by having a huff and puff investigation into which objects could travel the furthest with the huff and puff from a hairdryer! The children compared the materials that the pigs used in the story, to the ones used in their investigation.

"The tissue will be blown the furthest because it is light like the straw."

"The pebble won't move because it is heavy just like the brick."

Then we went into the hall for some Science demonstrations. Things were popping, whizzing and banging all over the place! After that, we did a magic liquid experiment where we learned about particles in liquids!

In the afternoon, we linked our Science learning to the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and discussed what would happen if he went into the water.

"He will go wet and soggy and then break up."

We tested a gingerbread man to see how long he could last in water and then used materials to build a bridge so that he could cross the river safely. We found out that paper is not waterproof but the wooden sticks would keep him dry and safe.

What a fun filled day! Future Scientists in the making!

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