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Squirrels Bee-Bot Computing fun!

This half term in ‘Computing’, we have had great fun whilst we’ve been learning to program the Bee-Bots. We learnt a really tricky word to program them by using an ‘algorithm’ which simply means very precise, accurate instructions.

We have practised our programming skills from when we were Dolphins, by remembering how to program the Bee-Bot to move forwards, backwards and turn clockwise and anticlockwise around the train track or to meet different animals. We remembered to ‘program don’t push’!

We even thought how we could teach the Early Years children how to use a Bee-Bot properly.

We then made our own Bee-Bot maps by adding some London landmarks and worked like frogs in our Thinking Threes to program the Bee-Bot to visit places such as Big Ben and the London Eye.

Finally, we used the command cards to help create an algorithm for others to follow to see if they could get to the landmark we planned for!

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