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Squirrel Class ~ Wonderful Wow Work Wednesday!

Well what a start to our Spring term! Thank you so much to all the grown ups for sending me your amazing learning from home. I have decided to add it to the website every week on a Wednesday so just when you're feeling a bit like the week is never ending, you can take a look at all the super duper stuff every one else has been up to from the week before. This might then give you that little extra burst of energy to keep going to the end of the week! It also means there's less pressure to feel you have to send everything by the Friday. I know that every family has different circumstances and I just want to make it as easy as I can for you all at home. Don't forget a new video is posted every day on the Year 1 Remote Learning page as an overview to that day's learning and if there's any questions in regard to any of the learning, don't hesitate to email me at Thank you so much and enjoy! Mrs Gibson

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