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Squirrel Class Dazzling Dinosaur Discoveries!

Follow our photo slideshow and see some amazing work where this half term, the Squirrel class have enjoyed working hard to learn all about dinosaurs! We have sorted the dinosaurs into their time periods in History, learned how to make a fixed and a moving axle in D.T., investigated dinosaur poo in Science to find out which dinosaur was the herbivore, carnivore or omnivore, practised keeping to the steady beat when the tempo changed in the catchy, dinosaur song, written to the sneaky dinosaur that trashed our classroom and followed instructions in Geography to find a dinosaur egg in the playground. Finally, we had an amazing session in the hall with our Dinosaur Museum where we were so proud to share all our hard work and dinosaur facts with the Nightingale class and we even had a jeep race to test our axles, where Tommy was our wonderful winner!

If you want to have a go at the fun Parasaurolophus Music activity, you can find it here:

See if you can keep up with the steady beat when the tempo gets faster and you'll be singing the song for days!

If your child is eager for more dinosaur discoveries, why not take a visit this half term to the Lyme Regis Museum, which was actually built on the site of Mary Anning's home and fossil shop!

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