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Seahorses' Home Learning

Last week we focused on learning about Lifeguards and Coastguards who keep us safe at the beach and when we are in water.

We are especially lucky to have an RNLI hut right on our doorstep at Mudeford Quay and James went to visit it.

Charlotte made her own jellyfish by using a paper plate and strips of paper. Charlotte and her Mummy spoke about what they would do if they found a jellyfish on the beach and how to keep safe at the beach. Well done, Charlotte!

Cece learnt about the different flags on the beach to keep safe, she labelled a beach scene picture and wrote her favourite things to do at the beach.

Cece even made her own lifeboat out of junk modelling materials and tested it in water to see if it could float and it could!! Well done, Cece!

I hope you are all having a wonderful half term and are keeping safe in this beautiful weather!

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