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Scrummy sandwich tasting and making

We have had great fun in Rabbits class tasting healthy sandwiches with three different fillings. Some children really pushed themselves trying flavours they were unsure of! We tried marmite, cheese and tomato and cucumber. This fun learning is part of our Design and Technology Curriculum and linked to our topic 'Inside Out'.

We started off by looking at the pre-made sandwiches and used our sense of sight to decide which sandwiches looked the most tasty.

Most of us thought the colours in the tomato and cucumber looked the best.

We then used our sense of smell to decide which sandwiches we thought smelt the best - this was very mixed - but many loved the smell of marmite!

We then used our sense of taste to decide which ones we liked eating the best. Cheese was a firm favourite in Rabbits class. Well done to those children who really pushed themselves to try new things - it was so lovely to hear comments such as "I didn't like cucumber before, but now I really do". Can you tell from the photos which children are enjoying the sandwich they are trying?

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