Rabbits walk around Christchurch

What a beautiful sunny day we had for our walk around Christchurch. We are so proud of the way the children behaved - they were fantastic. We even had members of the public commenting on how well behaved they were. Well done Rabbits - what a super first school trip! We walked a long way and saw many Christchurch landmarks, here is the map we followed:

When we got to the Priory we spotted the golden fish, we felt the stone walls and looked at the carvings in the porch. We then walked around the building to spot the NHS worker gargoyle - can you see it in the picture below?

We then had a much needed rest, drink and snack in the bandstand overlooking the river:

After a rest and an energy boost, the Rabbits were ready to let off some steam at the park - "can you believe we are allowed to go the park at school? best day ever!" was overheard on the way. The children certainly had fun playing with their friends:

Rabbits class then walked along the river, we talked about human and physical features we could see. Please can you talk to your children about human and physical features when you are out and about with your child?

On our way back to school we took a trip up the steps to the old ruined castle - what a view from the top!

The children found themselves in the stocks on the way back home - thankfully only posing for the camera!

Well done Rabbits - what a great day. Thank you to all the helpers too - without you we couldn't have had such fun!

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