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Plant and art exhibition

This half term year 1 have been learning all about plants. In science we have learnt about wild and garden flowers, deciduous and evergreen trees and parts of plants. In art we have learnt about Van Gough's sunflowers and experimented with colour, texture, collage and team work to create flower art. In design and technology we made strong tables from paper for Jasper the cat who needed a new gardening table. In English we have read a range of books based on plants and have learnt how to write narrative stories to showcase all of our writing knowledge. We also planted our own plants including beans, cress, grass and seeds we cultivated from fruit and vegetables.

To display all of this lovely learning, we held a plant and art exhibition in our new library and library garden. It was lovely to have parents come and share in their children's learning and to also give the children time to be the experts in their own learning. Thank you to all of those who attended.

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