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Maths Day!

Hedgehogs have had a great Maths Day today. We all came wearing numbers which we added to make a grand total of 164. We then had a go at different challenges that were based around the book 'Have you seen my dragon?'. The children have been watching out for dragons all day as well as doing their maths jobs! If you see it can you let us know?

Here are some pictures from the different jobs we did:

Tower challenge:

They had to find as many ways as possible to use three coloured cubes to make different tower patterns and record their findings.

We then read our story. On one page, there were 3 buses. We used 10 frame buses to create and write fact families to 10. The Hedgehogs worked in pairs and showed great team work!

On another pager there were 13 ice creams, including a giant one for the dragon! We decorated our own ice creams with number bonds to 20. We then did some addition to 20 challenges on the carpet as well.

Finally, there was a page with 18 bicycles on. The Hedgehogs did some counting in 2's challenges with bicycle wheels.

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