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Jaspers Jeep and Tractor Race - what brilliant designers and engineers in Rabbits class!

What a fantastic DT project Year 1's have completed this term. First the children learnt how axles work and then made their own fixed axles and moving axles. Of course they had to test out how fast and sturdy they were on the smooth floor.

They then used their knowledge of fixed and moving axles to design their own jeep or tractor to take place in a special race. They needed their vehicles to be light, strong, stable and fast. Having designed their vehicles, the children made them. They worked carefully, following their designs and measuring their boxes and axles to ensure they would run smoothly. The children carefully checked their designs to ensure their vehicles were a similar shape, colour and pattern to their designs. I think you will agree they did a fantastic job. All children were able to make a vehicle with a working axle. Well done Rabbits! Look at these super designs and makes!

We then had a Jasper Jeep and Tractor Race to test out our vehicles. it was very exciting and close! We did a number of heats before the semi-final followed by the grand finale! Well done to the winner!

Check out our races here:

We first held heats. Each group had 3 attempts.

The two jeeps and tractors that travelled the furthest from each group took part in a semi-finale (again best of 3):

We then held the finale. Top 3 finalists battled it out and we had one clear winner! Well done.

Having designed, made and tested their vehicles. The children then had the opportunity to evaluate their jeep / tractor and thought about how they might improve their design next time. Have a look at these ideas:

What fabulous designers and engineers! We are so proud of you Rabbits, well done.

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