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Jasper's Garden learning

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Jasper’s Garden’ topic this half term. We began the topic with an exciting hook day; planting beans, making cress heads, looking at fruit seeds and making a scarecrow! They have been looking after their been seeds for the past few weeks, giving them plenty of water and placing them in the sunlight to help them grow healthily. We were all amazed at how tall they grew!

We have also been very busy with our writing. The children have really developed their story writing skills, innovating the story of ‘Jasper’s Bean stalk’ and ‘Katie and the Starry Night’.

In DT, the children were able to build their own table, experimenting with different shaped columns to find the strongest shape. One of the tables held 105 books, wow!

In Art, the children created their own flower pictures, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings.

The children loved having the opportunity to showcase some of their amazing work during our Plant and Art Exhibition. Thank you to all the parents that came, I hope you enjoyed looking at their great art work and writing.

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