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Jasper's Garden - Foxes WOW day!

We had a lovely first day back at school starting with our WOW day!

A mysterious bag of seeds and a note arrived from Jasper the cat. He asked us to help him find out what seeds they were and research how to look after them. He had also left us the book Jasper's beanstalk to read, which gave us a little clue!

Then we went into our outdoor area and planted our beans using cups, a spade and some compost. We found a sunny, warm place for them and then gave them a bit of water.

We started our very own bean diaries and recorded what we did to plant our beans successfully. We will be continuing this each week and monitoring the progress and growth of our beans.

We also looked at different seeds inside various fruit and vegetables. Some of us learnt new vegetables that we hadn't seen before. It was very interesting to see the different shapes and sizes of the seeds.

Next, we used Purple Mash to explore the park and the garden centre on Simple City. We created our own gardens, looked at different plants and watched videos explaining how to look after them.

We also created some amazing flower art using tissue paper, PVA glue and collage techniques that we had learnt in our 'All Creatures Great and Small' topic.

Finally, we shared our fabulous flower and plant poems that we wrote as our home learning job over the Easter holidays with the rest of the class. Look how brilliant they are!

What a busy day we had! We are very much looking forward to continuing our learning about plants and flowers as well as reporting back to Jasper on our growth.

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