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Healthy Me Week

To kick start the beginning of our new Jigsaw piece 'Healthy Me', we celebrated Healthy Me week as a whole school. Each year group completed their Jigsaw lesson of the week and then thought carefully about ways to keep healthy including: diet, sleep, exercise and hygiene.

Early Years

To celebrate Healthy Me week, Early Years had class discussions about healthy eating and what constitutes a healthy diet. The children then had opportunities to touch, chop and taste different fruits to make fruit kebabs. They were encouraged to try a fruit that they hadn’t tried before. They then drank some fruit smoothie, but before drinking it they smelt it and predicted what fruits it may contain.

Year 1

During Healthy Me week, Year 1 tasted different fruits, chose their likes and dislikes ready to plan their own fruit salad. The children were allowed to have 3 different fruit and one fruit juice. They then made them by cutting their own fruit and tasted them, evaluating what they liked best and what they would do to improve it next time.

Year 1 also kept food diaries. Some of them were documented on Purple Mash. Slide across the photos to take a look at Harper and Nathan's food diaries:

Year 2

Year 2 brought in their own ingredients to make a healthy sandwich. They practised spreading butter, adding their filling and cutting the sandwich into easier bitesize pieces. The children enjoyed comparing their fillings with their friends and discussing their likes and dislikes. They then enjoyed eating their sandwiches at lunchtime.

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