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Green fingers in Rabbits class

These are the grass seed caterpillars we made on Wow Day at the beginning of term - we hoped they would grow but we never expected they would turn into grass monsters! The children holding them here thought 'Harry the Hairy Caterpillar' and 'Floppy the Caterpillar' would be good names, although there were many different name suggestions!

We loved planting our bean seeds at the beginning of term during our Wow day - but we have loved watching the plants grow even more. Look how tall these beans have grown:

All the rabbits have done a really good job at looking after their seedlings and they each have a lovely plant to take home.

We also chopped up some fruit, vegetables and last year's sunflower to look inside at the seeds and stones. We planted some of the seeds we harvested and now have some butternut squash, pepper and sunflower seedlings growing. How exciting!

We have enjoyed lots of learning from our text 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and here are some of the children doing a wonderful story retelling:

It would be lovely if you could send in any photos of the bean plants as they grow more, flower and produce some tasty beans!

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