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Foxes Sandwich Tasting

Today Foxes class had a fabulous afternoon using our senses to explore 3 different healthy sandwiches. The flavours were Marmite, cucumber and tomato and cheese. This was linked to the Design and Technology curriculum and part of our project Inside Out.

We used our sense of sight to look at the sandwiches and decide which was the best looking. Most of us agreed on cucumber and tomato because it was brightly coloured.

Then we used our sense of smell to decide which sandwich smelt the best. Our opinion was split between Marmite and cheese for this one.

Finally, it was the moment we had all been waiting for! We used our tongues to taste our sandwiches. It was a pretty even split between which was our favourite and lots of us tried new flavours that we thought we didn't like and actually changed our minds.

We used this tasting session to help us design our own sandwiches using these ingredients, which we will be making next week! Lots of us have chosen to mix up these sandwiches and make combinations like cheese and marmite or tomato and cheese.

What an exciting afternoon we have had!

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