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Foxes Dinosaur Museum

On Monday the children were able to show their fantastic dinosaur learning to year 2. The children were the ' dinosaur experts' and taught the year 2's lots of facts

about dinosaurs, fossils, Mary Anning and much more!

The children have worked really hard this half term to produce some great writing about dinosaurs. They wrote a set of instructions for how to catch a dinosaur, wrote a letter with questions to a naughty T- Rex, wrote a fact page about a Triceratops and even wrote their own dinosaur story!

In DT the children experimented, making fixed and moving axles to decide which was best. They then designed and made their own dinosaur jeep.

The children have been really enthusiastic during this topic which is evident when looking at the amazing quality of work that they produced!

Please ask your child to tell you all about their learning. They are dinosaur experts!

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