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Dinosaur Museum and Jurassic Jeeps in Rabbits class

The children have worked so hard within our dinosaur topic and have produced some superb work. To celebrate their learning they created a 'pop-up' interactive museum for Year 2 and some VIP's - they were able to explain their work and impart many facts like true experts! They then raced their Jurassic Jeeps and here they are celebrating the winner and runners up.

Here is a selection of work from the ammonite sketching and fossil making.

The children were able to share some super facts about Mary Anning and asked the Year 2 children to sort dinosaurs into the correct period of time - cretaceous, jurassic or triassic - whilst showing off theor super timelines.

During our English lessons the children wrote some fantastic facts about Triceratops on their non-fiction page. They also wrote some instructions about How to Trap a Dinosaur which they also shared at the museum. Look at some of this super writing!

Can you match the photograph of the fossil to the animal? Not as easy as it sounds - but the Year 2's loved having a go and finding out if they were correct!

The Jurassic Jeep exhibition was well attended and showcased some of the brilliant jeeps that the children designed and then made. They were extremely knowledgeable about fixed and moving axles and were able to explain how axles work and why they chose their axle for their design.

Here are some photos of the designing and making process the children experienced - from exploring how objects with wheels move, to having a go at making fixed and then moving axles, culminating in the children independently selecting the correct materials and tools to create their own working design. We are so proud to report that all children were able to make their very own Jurassic Jeep with a working axle. Super job!

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