Dinosaur Day in Rabbits class -what a super start to 2022!

What a fantastic start to the New Year of 2022! We have had a fun packed day. We started the day studying fossilised ammonites which we sketched using strong line and shading techniques. We also made clay fossils using moulds and tried out making trace fossils. it was messy and we loved it!

We then had a Dinosaur Music lesson. We listened to a dinosaur song in the style of jazz and swing all about a Parasaurolophus. We used this song to learn about keeping the pulse of the music and how the tempo can change within the same piece of music. We compared this song to a Benny Goodman Jazz swing track from 1935 before learning a song about an Antrodemus called Greedy Guts.

After snack and a well deserved play the Rabbits came back to find a dinosaur museum in their very own classroom. Wow! We learnt how fossils were made, and then studied some fossils, trying to work out which animal they had come from. Some of them were quite a surprise when we learnt what they really were. We were lucky enough to examine Belemnites, Ammonites, Icthyosaur vertebrae, Brachiopods, Crinoid, Gryphaea, trace fossil, Sea Urchins, Forest Marble and fossil wood. The children treated all the fossils with respect and looked after them really well. Well done Rabbits.

After lunch it was Rabbits turn to visit the Dinosaur Dome in the Hall. Wow! What a super New Year treat. Not only did we get to see and touch Dinosaur Poo and some other fabulous fossils - including a huge ammonite, dinosaur footprints and some beautiful amber with a preserved insect inside - but we got to experience the history of the dinosaurs from within the dome. We saw what life was like during the dinosaur period on land and in the sea before learning about the meteorite that caused their extinction. We also learnt the difference between an asteroid, meteor and meteorite.

We then just had time to share some excellent home learning projects before finishing the day.

Thank you as always to the PTFA for their fundraising efforts to enable us to provide this exciting day of learning for the children.

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