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Computing with Beebots!

This half term our topic is '4 Nations' and we are learning about the 4 different countries in the United Kingdom. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We are also completing our 'beebot' computing unit.

Our first lesson was an exploration session. We discussed how to program a beebot to move forwards, backwards and turn clockwise and anticlockwise. We had lots of different tasks to do to practise our programming skills. We had to program it to move around sea creatures, following a train track, make an elastic band shape, move towards the highest number and go under a bridge. It was great fun! Have a look!

In our second Computing lesson we chose 5 different landmarks from London to draw on post-it notes. These included: Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben. We then had a go at programming our beebots to visit some of these places. It was quite tricky but with a bit of practise most of the beebots made it around London.

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