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Art in Foxes class

As part of our Jasper's Garden topic we have created lots of art with the theme of flowers, plants and growth. Have a look at the different pieces we have made:

First we looked at Van Gogh's many different paintings of sunflowers and tried to create our own using oil pastels and watercolours.

Then we used pencils and oil pastels to create some still life drawings of bluebells.

For our next session we were lucky enough to Abi from Wave Arts help us to create our own flower collages. We had to work in teams of 3 to make one large flower and they look amazing!

Then we used objects of different shapes and sizes and dipped them in paint to create some flower pictures using a printing effect.

Finally we had a go at some weaving with strips of coloured card. It was quite tricky, remembering when to go over and under but it was lots of fun!

We have really enjoyed doing lots of Art this half term and are looking forward to using some of these skills in Arts week after half term.

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