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Opening Times

The school day starts at 8:50am and children should be brought to the outer classroom doors. The doors close at 9:00am. Parents are responsible for their child/ren until they are handed over to the class teacher and they are expected to supervise them properly and support the school rules. If you arrive after 9:00 am the classroom doors will be closed for security and fire safety reasons. Please come in by the main door in Addiscombe Road and sign your child in with the administrative staff. Your child will then be recorded as arriving ‘late’ in the register and such late arrivals are monitored regularly.  Class registers are taken at 9.00 and 1.15 every day.


If you need to come in to school at any time during the day please use the main entrance. If you are staying you will be asked to sign in and to wear a Helper badge. If you are collecting your child during the school day, you will be asked to come to the school office. We make every attempt to restrict access to the building when children and staff are on the premises and very much appreciate your co-operation in this.


The children have breaks during the day. Fifteen minutes in the morning, and an hour for lunch (12:15 – 1:15pm). During ‘playtime’ children are provided with a wide range of activities to keep them happy and busy! Foundation children can attend full-time after a staggered start in September or parents can choose for children to remain part-time until Autumn half term. The full teaching day finishes at 3:05pm and parents should collect them from outside the designated classroom doors. Please be patient if we are late. There are often letters to give out and messages to pass on.


If there is any change in the arrangements for collecting your child please either send a note or telephone the school. We will not normally allow a child to go with a different adult or older sibling without permission from the adult with day to day care responsibility. If, for some reason, parents are late picking up their child then the school will keep them in school and contact parents using emergency numbers.


There is also a before-school, after-school and holiday childcare club for Infant aged children on site called ‘Funtastic’.  Contact details can be obtained through the school office.


No dogs are allowed on the school site for Health and Safety reasons.

The school is a Non Smoking Area.

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