At Christchurch Infant School, we aim to make our children aware of the world around them, people, places and the environment.


Initially children study their immediate environment, learning through exploration and first hand experiences. By the end of Year Two, children will have studied an area which contrasts with their own and will be able to use simple maps, globes and information sources to further their studies. Children are taught to use correct language to describe both man-made and natural geographical features in all aspects of Geography.


At Christchurch Infant school we shape our Geography curriculum to ensure that it is inclusive to every child. We fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Geography; providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum; ensuring the progressive development of geographical concepts, knowledge and skills; and for the children to develop a love for geography.


Our Geography curriculum is designed to develop children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We believe geography helps children to provoke and provide answers to questions about the world in which they live in. We are committed to providing children with experiences not only through the classroom environment, but also through the use of field work and educational visits. We aim to promote the children’s interests and understanding of diverse places, people and resources.  The curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills through progression which the children can use throughout their education.


At Christchurch Infants we teach geography in blocks throughout the year so the children achieve depth in their learning. Consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics throughout the year groups. At the beginning of each topic the children are able to convey what they already know and what they would like to find out. This informs the planning across the year groups and enables teachers to consider how greater depth learning will be taught, learnt and demonstrated in each lesson. All planning is differentiated to suit the needs of the individual children in the class.


Our geography curriculum is high quality, engaging and demonstrates progression and differentiation. The children’s outcomes are evidenced in their classroom learning books and through teacher observations. This demonstrates the children’s acquisition of key knowledge and concepts. The children record what they have learnt comparative to their starting point of knowledge.


Year 1
Year 2