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Please find below a copy of our  Curriculum Evening Power Points from September 2022. There is also an overview of our what we teach in Early Years at Christchurch Infant School.  

Curriculum Overviews

Please find below our curriculum overviews for the year.   

Autumn Term

  At the start of the year we want the children to feel happy and settled. We aim to do this by revisiting familiar songs and stories, such as, nursery rhymes. We learn about the children and their families with their 'all about me bags' and home visits. The children will also spend time learning the class rules and routines before getting stuck into our Read Write inc. programme, Number Sense and White Rose Maths.  
As the term progresses, the children begin to learn and expand their knowledge of familiar things. For example,  in the 'Down on the Farm' topic, the children will learn, not just the basic animal names but also about how to care for the animals and what they eat, with a visit from a local farmer with her animals.  As the leaves begin to fall, the children will spend time spotting signs of Autumn and learn about firework safety in the run up to Bonfire night during out 'Light and Dark' topic. In the 'Everyday Heroes' topic the children will look at different emergency services and explore how their outfits and vehicles vary from now and in the past. They will also get the opportunity to have first hand experiences, with fire engines and police cars. Alongside our maths sessions, we will begin our daily snack maths to reinforce the representation of number with numicon.

 When Autumn draws to a close, the children will begin to identify the changes to the weather and nature identifying the season of Winter. We finish the term with our 'Celebrations' topic,  learning about how we celebrate Christmas and comparing it to our friends. The children will post letters to Father Christmas and finish the term with a fun filled Christmas Party and Christmas Performance shared with the children's families. 

Spring Term

  We begin the Spring term with our 'All Around the World' topic. The children learn about where we live and compare it to various countries, thinking about  similarities and differences. We invite parents and extended family members who have links to countries other than England to come and share cultures and traditions with the children. 
To develop the children's story telling and  sentence writing skills further, 
the children utilise fairy tales, within our 'Imagine' topic to inspire writing. There will be a greater focus on sentence structure and key word spelling.  As the winter disappears we learn about spring and finish our topic with a visit to Furzey Gardens to not only hunt for fairies but spot any signs of Spring!  
 Snack Maths will play a pivotal role over the next two terms, with the daily practice of subitising and number bonds.

Summer Term 

  In the Summer term, as part of our 'Mad about Minibeasts' topic,  the children will learn how to nurture and care for smaller creatures, including our class worms and  caterpillars.  They will learn about David Attenborough and begin to see the importance of looking after animals and our environment. The children will begin to link all the skills they have learnt over the year to design and make their own outfit for the 'Bug Ball', showing off their creativity and problem solving math's skills. The children will gain a greater understanding about the world around them with more explorative based science experiments in preparation for Year One, such as, floating and sinking and freezing and melting.  They will learn about the seaside and sea safety, as part of our 'Blue Planet' topic, which is crucial when living near water! 
Daily snack maths will be used to extend and reinforce basic understanding of doubling, number bonds and  more and less  by the sneaky shop keeper who adjusts his prices daily! 
As the children finish the year, they will have the opportunity to meet their new teachers on a number of occasions, in our class as well as visiting their new classroom. We are always sad to see our children leave Early Years but don't worry, we will make sure we are there to greet the children on their first day of Year One to settle any nerves!

Word Banks


 Please find copies of our key vocabulary linked to our topics below. 




Please find copies of letters we have sent home (2022/2023)  

 Curriculum guidance and support sheets for you to use at home. 

Previous Letters

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