Christchurch Learning Federation

The Christchurch Learning Federation is a loose connection of educators, social workers and health professionals who meet together improve local facilities and opportunities for children and young people through a consistent approach. Recent achievements of this group have been the adoption of a Christchurch-wide attendance policy and shared parenting courses across the town.

Christchurch Family Partnership Zone

What kinds of issues can Family Partnership Zone help families with?

The FPZ has lots of experience supporting families and work with others who have expertise. Here are some examples of issues they've helped with, but there are many more:

  • parents are separating or have separated

  • there's historical or current domestic abuse 

  • parents are finding it difficult to manage their child's behaviour

  • children or young people are experiencing problems with their learning

  • young people are self-harming or are thinking of self-harming

  • a family member uses alcohol or substances

  • families are struggling to cope financially

  • families don't know where to access information

They will try to make sure there's a single professional that works with your family. This lead professional means you only have to tell your story once and you have one point of contact. 

If you think you might need help, contact: 

Christchurch Family Partnership Zone (FPZ)

Name: Steve Cox O'Rourke
Mob: 01202 225724