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Behaviour Expectations

We recognise the importance of providing a safe, happy, secure environment through establishing a whole school approach to behaviour management, encouraging positive attitudes to achievement, increasing self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility in thought, word and deed.  By raising the child’s social conscience, we aim to create the conditions of an orderly community in which effective learning can take place and where there is a genuine desire to conform to the norm of social behaviour, both in and outside school. 


By committing themselves to operating the system conscientiously, staff are acting responsibly and modelling the behaviour they expect pupils to develop. Good discipline depends upon partnership with parents, carers, and the school.


All adults who come into contact with the children have a collective responsibility for behaviour management within the school.

Headteacher Awards


This is a very prestigious award that is given to one child from each class for outstanding all round learning, demonstration of excellent behaviour and understanding of school values. The children who receive one can proudly wear their badge for all to see.

Behaviour Rules

We have seven rules for behaviour that staff have agreed upon and these are displayed around school. We wanted to make the rules consistent and easier to understand. We always remind the children about what these mean and how to apply them daily. Promoting good behaviour is the responsibility of home, school and children’s peers.


At Christchurch Infant School....

We say please and thank you.

We look after our school.

We walk quietly and sensibly.

We are kind to others.

We take turns to speak.

We keep each other safe.

We follow instructions.


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